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Dormant – adjective, as if in a deep sleep.

I feel as if I’ve been dormant for months. But I’m trying to go back little by little with the blogosphere ^_~

Now, wish me luck I guess? It’s going to be a lot of make-up blog posts and all. Hehehe. See you around!



I have to admit I have recently stopped playing games on my phone. Thus, I have missed so many amazing applications over the past few months. One of these amazing applications that was shared to be my a friend was Agnitus.


Agnitus, a Tablet (iPad, Android, Kindle) app, has over 45 educational games for children 2-6 years old of age. Not only that because Agnitus is very handy especially for those with ADD.

With their app, these people with ADD and autism problems can still cope up and learn. They provide rich, multisensory feedback, instruction, and gentle guidance, that can easily be understood by both children and those who need special guidance in learning. They also encourage parent participation, connection and communication between parents and their children is very important other than learning.

Overall, I can say this app is very inspiring. I hope many will try this out as this is perfect for kids most importantly. The more the use of technology can be known with this helpful and powerful little application.

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Wedding Gift Ideas

ust recently some friends of mine have told me they’ve decided to get married. I was very amazed and (at the same time, envious lol). Nevertheless, I had to research for the most perfect gift.

Fortunately, I found out about Waterford! They’ve got the most unique gifts as they are made of crystals. Mostly, they provide drinkwares and the like which seem to be what fits most for wedding days.

Indeed, they are lovely and one day I would love to get some of these gifts. For now though they’re best as gifts coming from me. What do you think? They’re amazing right?

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.


TuneCore Artist Milestone


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ProGuideDirect $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Love activities outdoor? Then ProGuideDirect is for you!

ProGuideDirect is where you can find all goodies that you need for your outdoor activities such as mountain hiking and many more. They offer many kinds of gears that will keep you going and will make life even more exciting.

What’s cooler?

Well, they currently have an ongoing giveaway and you can join – NOW! So, what are you waiting for? Get the chance to win a $100 gift card just by following easy steps that you can find below through Rafflecopter!

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Making Memories Special with Southtree

I’ve always taken a liking in pictures and memorabilia. I like looking at them because they remind me of happy times whenever I’m down. However, not all the time I am able to keep them properly, which is why I’m so happy upon hearing about Southtree.

Memories matter
Memories matter

Southtree aims to help you out keep and share photos and videos of the special events in your life. With their service you can get a file storage that lasts forever called ForeverFiles and you can even send your friends gift cards with your photos in it, and even booklets!

There’s so much more than that, but for sure, their service is very nice to receive in special occasions or simply to cheer a friend up!

So grab your chance to try them out with this special code below:


The code above entitles you to a 25% off with any order from Southtree.

Enjoy more happy moments!

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Brian Crain shares his TuneCore Story

Admit it or not, everyone has their goals in life. If you’re someone who dreams of helping others, you’d like to be nurse. If you’re someone who loves technology, you’d love to be a programmer of some sort. The same goes to those who likes to write songs. They, of course would like their written songs to be heard and become famous. The path they take is not easy.

This is why Brian Crain shares his inspiring story of how he met song writer royalties. Thanks to TuneCore Publishing Administration, his dreams have now materialised as his music has now reached both small and big screens.

You can read this blog post about Brian Crain and how it all happened, be inspired, and let your creativity lead you!

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Another TuneCore Story: Adventure Club

Just recently, over 80 TuneCore artists took the stage last week at NXNE in Toronto. With the independent music scene doing awesome in Canada, Adventure Club composed of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, share their TuneCore story and experiences of how they were able to make it in the stage.

Like many others, their group wasn’t that known but through TuneCore they were able to get the opportunity to reach out to more people. In just a bit of time after partnering up with TuneCore, they were able to get more fans than they used to.

So as they move on, they share their life lessons and tips to other musicians. Who knows, maybe you can be next! Find out more about this inspiring TuneCore story.

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TuneCore Performance


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TuneCore: Helping Songwriters

I’ve always loved music – not just because of the rhythm but most of the time, I like songs because of their amazing lyrics. What does it take to be a songwriter anyway? I always ask myself. I may not know but it’s good now I understand a bit, especially after reading this wonderful post of an interview with Pete Rogers of TuneCore Creative team.

Listening to songs are fun but it’s more fun learning on how a songwriter produces his or her own music. There are so many things they need before it reaches the TV Films, television shows and the likes. It’s not an easy task to become famous in a day, it’s not even easy to get a simple like in Facebook for your band or so.

Fortunately, this is where experts in TuneCore can help us out. Provided that we choose to work with them, it’s a sure hit to be successful just in time for your goal.