Hello there, I’m the twinkled girl of this blog and many other blogs you must have dropped by before. The name’s Nadine Camille. I used to blog in Loving Pink. I started blogging since high school years, you know – friendster years? But I formally blogged in the said pink blog on March 2008. I haven’t blogged there for a while and I’ve also decided to move to this new blog. Yes I do have other blogs but this blog will be the most personal since most of my blogs are cluttered with other thingy majies!

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I’m a Pisces. Currently 20teen, loves the color pink & green. A girl who loves technology and loves fiddling with gadgets. I also love collecting kawaii goodies. I love to draw, play the guitar, to listen to music, read manga, watch anime, make website layouts, read books, play online games,  SLEEP –  but I tend to be nocturnal too (weird isn’t it? huge sleeper yet nocturnal. haha.) I am also currently taken by the programmer slash web developer boyfrunnd ♥ My favorite foods are Pizza & Taclings. I also love rainbows, stars and cookies. But there’s so much more to what I have told you, so much more.

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This blog really was meant to be a personal blog, partly because I love stars and have taken the twitter username twinklepuff! Christian, my boyfriend, gave the domain to me year 2011 and also renewed it afterwards. I only had time to open it after the renewal. Hehe. But I still plan to use it as much as I can. It was registered via Namecheap, expires every 15th of March. I have so many domains and many blogs, but this blog will define me the most.

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