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The Sore Feet Song

I’m almost done watching Mushi-shi! I have to say my boyfriend does have a good taste in anime sometimes, although, I’m the one who finishes the anime most of the time. My favorite part of this anime though, is the opening song, as, I can relate right now…probably too much drama to take if you’re reading this, especially if over a lost kitten, but, that’s how it is for me. And I might not be able to have a joyous New Year as I planned, because I wanted to spend it with her..

We walked back and again to that place where the kid who picked up my kitten apparently lived. The most hurtful part is how she was picked up but then left astray – they even left for vacation. I’m not sure how to feel. Here, I can’t complain knowing he’s that 5 year old boy who has that excuse of being a 5 year old boy. Here, I just have the choice to pretend everything is okay and accept what could happen.

Last night, somebody saw her. But unfortunately I wasn’t there. I wonder if she has eaten somehow? I wonder where she’s at? At this kind of night, where explosives are everywhere, would she be alright? Is she hurt?

Honestly, I just want to see you 😐

Personal & Random

There goes my weekend >o<

Weekend sure does fly, and when it does, it goes in a speed! Well last Saturday wasn’t too good that I had to cry, but it’s okay I guess since everything sorted out this Sunday.

Although, it makes me wish more that I had all the time in the world. At the back of my head, my love for blogging still makes me long for those days that I will no longer have to work and wore myself out doing a day job – I’d like to stay in at home and do things I’d like.

However, older people say this isn’t the way of life so I guess, I have to keep up, for awhile.

Maybe my weekend days aren’t just the best days right now?

I would have wanted to spend some time doing some stuff on my blogs and also doing some stuff with clay and my toys..for now, I guess I just have to sleep this off.

Personal & Random

Too many thoughts, too many words, too much emotions

I’ve been thinking of what I should put as a title for 5 minutes now, but I decided with a long lame one because, honestly, I don’t know what to say out of all that’s happened, that’s changed and that is happening.

I’d like to apologize though that I’ve truly neglected my blogs now for the longest time. I only post whenever there’s something good out of it (kaching! kaching! I think you know). But tonight, err, today (time check, 1:26 am) I’d like to make it a point to remove this mind set and bring bag the blog lovin’ me who didn’t really care about such things. I just wanted to blog about random stuff, share stuff and just be me.

Well, that won’t be easy I guess because not everyone really cares about your life so generally blogging about your life is pretty pointless at this point. So, I’ll just have to come up with something some how, or think about something I love to talk about. I don’t know yet though but since there’s just sooo many things that have changed (in terms of stuff I like to do and plan to do) maybe there’s something. Give me a day or two I guess? >3< With that said, obviously, this will no longer be my personal blog. My personal ramblings have been moved elsewhere. I am after all, in stealth mode in actuality. Well, that ends my ‘cannot-sleep-again-getting-tons-of-thoughts-so-i-blogged’.

Personal & Random


Dormant – adjective, as if in a deep sleep.

I feel as if I’ve been dormant for months. But I’m trying to go back little by little with the blogosphere ^_~

Now, wish me luck I guess? It’s going to be a lot of make-up blog posts and all. Hehehe. See you around!

Personal & Random

Give me time to think >w<

So much has been happening lately which is why, I still haven’t blogged. LOL. Well, that’s a really lame excuse isn’t it? To think this is a personal blog..

These days, aside from becoming a nendoroid collector, I’ve also started learning my ways with photography.


Nendoroid Araragi with le new baby! I got it from ran out of black DSLRs. Nevertheless..

After much thinking I finally got myself a DSLR! Yay? Nyay? Why just now?

But anyway, I hope I can get some spare time to work on a personal layout so I’ll finally feel that blogging spirit! Oyeah! Maybe.

So, here’s a short personal post because my blog’s been full of music stuff. Sorry TT_TT Let me make it up to you soon! I just won’t say when..haha!