The Sore Feet Song

I’m almost done watching Mushi-shi! I have to say my boyfriend does have a good taste in anime sometimes, although, I’m the one who finishes the anime most of the time. My favorite part of this anime though, is the opening song, as, I can relate right now…probably too much drama to take if you’re reading this, especially if over a lost kitten, but, that’s how it is for me. And I might not be able to have a joyous New Year as I planned, because I wanted to spend it with her..

We walked back and again to that place where the kid who picked up my kitten apparently lived. The most hurtful part is how she was picked up but then left astray – they even left for vacation. I’m not sure how to feel. Here, I can’t complain knowing he’s that 5 year old boy who has that excuse of being a 5 year old boy. Here, I just have the choice to pretend everything is okay and accept what could happen.

Last night, somebody saw her. But unfortunately I wasn’t there. I wonder if she has eaten somehow? I wonder where she’s at? At this kind of night, where explosives are everywhere, would she be alright? Is she hurt?

Honestly, I just want to see you 😐

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