There goes my weekend >o<

Weekend sure does fly, and when it does, it goes in a speed! Well last Saturday wasn’t too good that I had to cry, but it’s okay I guess since everything sorted out this Sunday.

Although, it makes me wish more that I had all the time in the world. At the back of my head, my love for blogging still makes me long for those days that I will no longer have to work and wore myself out doing a day job – I’d like to stay in at home and do things I’d like.

However, older people say this isn’t the way of life so I guess, I have to keep up, for awhile.

Maybe my weekend days aren’t just the best days right now?

I would have wanted to spend some time doing some stuff on my blogs and also doing some stuff with clay and my toys..for now, I guess I just have to sleep this off.

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