Too many thoughts, too many words, too much emotions

I’ve been thinking of what I should put as a title for 5 minutes now, but I decided with a long lame one because, honestly, I don’t know what to say out of all that’s happened, that’s changed and that is happening.

I’d like to apologize though that I’ve truly neglected my blogs now for the longest time. I only post whenever there’s something good out of it (kaching! kaching! I think you know). But tonight, err, today (time check, 1:26 am) I’d like to make it a point to remove this mind set and bring bag the blog lovin’ me who didn’t really care about such things. I just wanted to blog about random stuff, share stuff and just be me.

Well, that won’t be easy I guess because not everyone really cares about your life so generally blogging about your life is pretty pointless at this point. So, I’ll just have to come up with something some how, or think about something I love to talk about. I don’t know yet though but since there’s just sooo many things that have changed (in terms of stuff I like to do and plan to do) maybe there’s something. Give me a day or two I guess? >3< With that said, obviously, this will no longer be my personal blog. My personal ramblings have been moved elsewhere. I am after all, in stealth mode in actuality. Well, that ends my ‘cannot-sleep-again-getting-tons-of-thoughts-so-i-blogged’.

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