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  • Where did time go~

    Time flies, I meant to do a proper theme sooner but it’s only now I’ve gotten to work on the background…and yes only that :/ The thing about life as an adult is you have to do a lot of things and you can only do so much, I guess. But I think I’m doing […]

  • In the morning

    ..I am still awake. This month, I just realized, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep because well..I don’t know. Maybe because it’s too hot? Maybe I have been thinking too much..(so much for a reset month (>o<)) Maybe I should listen to music until I fall asleep? Maybe I should write on a journal […]

  • Where do we start?

    I finally have a workspace where I can blog, code, draw or whatever again (a computer) ! However it brings me to the next problem, which is, where do we start? I always try to make it a point for my birthday as a starting point for doing such things but trying to keep yourself […]

  • Hey June!

    Hey June!

    Well, as usual, I forgot to update again hehe. I guess I can never get back to my old blogging habits..but I wanted to post anyway. Time really flies that I often don’t notice it. So, June is right in the corner. I’m not one to look forward to it though, as it’s the rainy […]

  • Memories and March

    March is almost over, my favorite month! Not only because this is my birthday month but because I also get to do more shopping as usual. Sadly though, I have to cancel plans with one of my web hosting that I’ve been with for about 8 or 10 years – the price was too much […]

  • Hello world!

    Hello world, or should I say, welcome back (>u<) Today I got back this domain after somebody has copied all of its content! Hopefully I can maintain it this time – you know, new year, new domain (again) I’m not the best, but I try okay? Ehe. I think I won’t be renewing my current […]