Hello world!

Hello world, or should I say, welcome back (>u<)

Today I got back this domain after somebody has copied all of its content! Hopefully I can maintain it this time – you know, new year, new domain (again) I’m not the best, but I try okay? Ehe.

I think I won’t be renewing my current blog since I had to pay twice boyfie’s domain this year, due to .info domain increasing in price (yikes!)

Good thing I was not too attached to it anyways, I think I only have a couple of posts? I’ll just continue anything I wanted to do here I guess. I super loved this domain and I can’t believe I got it back after losing it for a few years, not sure how many but it is what it is!

Well, here’s to new beginnings and hopeful wishes to make this year and all the following to come a blast!


– tg

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