Hey June!

Klee Battle Scene Series

Well, as usual, I forgot to update again hehe. I guess I can never get back to my old blogging habits..but I wanted to post anyway. Time really flies that I often don’t notice it.

So, June is right in the corner. I’m not one to look forward to it though, as it’s the rainy season in our country – I don’t like the rain much. But I guess it’s definitely better than hot and humid summer days. The feeling of warmth is nice sometimes but as the temperature rises it changes and becomes a hassle, so often, I don’t like to move or do anything.

My favorite months are the ones near Christmas, even if it’s no longer magical as I was a child. But anyway, I just have to push through until everything falls into place – right? Maybe some other time I’ll be in full spirits to write about something I’m passionate about. There are really so many things I’d like to say, but for now, I keep them here.

Fortunately, there’s really no trouble in doing so, since I don’t have the audience to worry about too, but lately, I’ve kept myself busy on my instagram account. So maybe you can follow, and let’s be friends?

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