In the morning

..I am still awake. This month, I just realized, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep because well..I don’t know.

  • Maybe because it’s too hot?
  • Maybe I have been thinking too much..(so much for a reset month (>o<))
  • Maybe I should listen to music until I fall asleep?
  • Maybe I should write on a journal or blog? (I’m doing it now, I’m trying)
  • Maybe I should put away my phone (mostly)

I don’t really know. I think in the past months it helped my mind get tired doing quite a lot of house chores but after awhile I got tired so I haven’t done them the most. I have been wanting to do more fun stuff that I used to do (play Genshin, Animal Crossing etc) and wanting to study web development again (and 999 other things I want to study now that I have a computer..

But I just can’t organize my thoughts. Why is it so hard 🙁

So here’s me, listening to an Unknown playlist (not really Unknown but I named it that, it was dedicated to a stranger now). Its songs are a bit sad, but I’m happy it doesn’t affect me much anymore. I guess that’s a good thing?

I’m also glad I can blog like this anytime now, I didn’t find it comfortable doing it on an iPad although I should probably have. I’ve also realized how my hand gets easily tired now when typing down so much words but I hope, I can get used to it again (I might need that thing they buy for the wrist)

Anyway, sorry for non-sense things, I know nobody ever goes here anyway so I write anything on my mind – to at least vent.

Listening to a sad song slightly tugs my heart but when I look back at the past, it also makes me smile since, I’m glad that part of my life is over. I should really organize my thoughts now, or something. I will try, I should try!


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