Memories and March

March is almost over, my favorite month! Not only because this is my birthday month but because I also get to do more shopping as usual.

Sadly though, I have to cancel plans with one of my web hosting that I’ve been with for about 8 or 10 years – the price was too much and I was only hosting a couple of websites 😐 It kind of makes me feel bad as I’ve been attached but then it also frees me a little of the budget..somehow.

Honestly there’s so much to tell, but as soon as I am in front of the computer I forget. I guess I should prepare better next time. Anyway, I’m off to my sleepy Saturday! April is coming so soon, I haven’t even posted on February too so I’m sorry ehe 😛

I will try to come back to this later if I get the passion to do it, I guess.

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