Where did time go~

Time flies, I meant to do a proper theme sooner but it’s only now I’ve gotten to work on the background…and yes only that :/

The thing about life as an adult is you have to do a lot of things and you can only do so much, I guess. But I think I’m doing better than in the past years. I’m planning to quite on some social media apps though because I can’t seem to handle it well or keeping up with the latest whatever…and I think it’s more healthy to do so so I can work on more things such as this site!

But lately my main focus is offline life, I try to bake more, do more house chores and exercise more…and isn’t that great? I guess it is. I miss being in front of the computer a lot but honestly I can’t stand it in front of the monitor longer like I used to before. I’m not sure if it’s just me (probably me but..idk)

I hope I’ll be more productive these coming months. Lately, there really are some days where I refuse to get up right away or on some nights I waste away in the social media loop (Facebook and Instagram mostly) that’s why I’m thinking of quitting there or something.

Anyway, as silly and useless this update is. At least there’s an update in months I guess.

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